Permanent Makup Services

Permanent cosmetic eyebrows

Eyebrows - naturally frame the face and dictate the total symmetry of the face. Custom blended colors are placed in the brow area to correct imperfections or to give your brows a fuller appearance. Your face will appear more open and receptive. Properly shaped brows can lift your eyes giving you a more youthful look.
You can enhance thin, over-tweezed brows or correct the shape.

permanent cosmetic eyeliner

The Lash Enhancement is the perfect choice for a soft, natural look. For this procedure the pigment is placed in the lash line, between the lashes to fill in and make the lashes appear thicker and darker.
A fabulous look for those with light color hair and/or sparse lashes. And those suffering from hair lost or thinning.

permanent cosmetic lips

Permanent Eyeliner is the best choice for a more noticeable appearance and is applied above the lashes as thin or thick as desired. The Lash Enhancement is automatically done in combination with the eyeliner procedure and the result is a spectacular look. Gives the lashes a longer and thicker appearance, leaves you looking "fresh" all day and night.

Lipcolor/Liner - This is a great way to give your lips definition that may have been lost or replace natural coloring that has disappeared. . Accentuate and define your smile. Reshape uneven lips and Cupid's bow. Add definition and fullness to your lips.